KetoDiet – A Safe Way To Maintain A Healthy Life

KetoDiet – A Safe Way To Maintain A Healthy Life

The keto diet (or ketogenic diet), is a low-carbohydrate diet, high in dietary fat with sufficient protein. It is mainly used to treat the epilepsy problem in children and adults and also benefits in weight loss. Basically, in the ketogenic diet, the body is forced to burn fat by reducing carbohydrate intake. With this diet, the insulin level and blood sugar also get reduced and it moves the body metabolism towards ketones and fat. Therefore, it is commonly safe.

Benefits of ketosis

Ketosis is a state when your body fats are stored as a fuel instead of glucose to produce sufficient energy. This can be done by controlling your appetite i.e., not having any food for a brief period of time. It is a natural way of reducing hunger and weight loss and also facilitates in increasing physical and mental stamina. Beyond this, it has also shown improvement in acne, brain cancer, migraine and Alzheimer’s disease.

Several forms of the ketogenic diet

There are different types of ketogenic diet in which standard and high protein diet are studied extensively. However, both of them contain very low carbohydrates and a different ratio of high fat. But high protein diet includes more protein than the standard diet. There are two other advanced methods which are commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes, that are, cyclical and targeted.

What to eat and what to avoid?

Unprocessed meat, fish, organic eggs, vegetables are grown above ground and natural fats like butter are the food items that need to be included in keto diet as they all contain less than 5% of carbohydrate. There are some food items that need to be avoided which contain sugar and starch. Fruits can also be eaten once in a while as they are a natural form of candy.

Control blood sugar in type 2 diabetes

To get rid of type 2 diabetes, there are two things that you simply need to follow i.e. eliminating all starch, sugar and even too much protein from your diet as they all increase blood glucose very quickly in the body.  In fact, you can add whole, natural and unprocessed food in your diet as they all can reverse the blood sugar level. Another way of treating diabetes can be fasting which is simple and fastest therapy which reduces the adverse impact of high insulin level.

Increased levels of ketosis

If you want to get into ketosis, you have to restrict carbohydrate below 20gms per day, then comes protein which you can consume in moderation as if taken in excess it can be converted to glucose in the body, eating abundant fat helps you to feel satisfied and not starve. Avoid fried snack, sporadic fasting, exercise, and enough sleep can help you to increase the effect of ketosis.

Check if you are in ketosis

There are many medical tests available which can measure that you are in ketosis or not like urination test, blood test or breathing samples. But before going for any checkup, see the symptoms that can indicate the ketosis level in the body like the dry mouth, thirst, frequent urination and energetic etc.